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Eatt AI, is a little AI bot that traveled around the world, looking for the best restaurants for exactly what you are craving for.

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🍞 do you have any gluten free options here?
🦿is this restaurant accessible?
🍤can you list your shrimp dishes?
🍌 Can you order banana pie to go?
🍝 gluten free spaghetti options?
💊 i am on Creon does this place feature low fat options
🏞️ does this have a ocean side view?
🍰 sugar free please
🗺️ Can you find a restaurant during my route thats open
🗺️ Can you find a restaurant during my route thats open
🗺️ Can you find a restaurant during my route thats open
🥩 how much is your Prime Ribeye?
🥞 can you put the syrup on the side?
🍱 Can deliver the Suso sushi bento box to 663....
🎂 what are the best places for a birthday party?
🦪are these eastern or western oysters?
🧄 What menu items contain garlic?
❄️ Are you guys open during this storm?
❄️ Are you guys open during this storm?
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I am heading to Denver with my husband and we are looking for a beautiful spot for some gluten free shareable small plates.
Hey Ash! I know David is gluten free and you mentioned that this year he is trying paleo? I have this romantic spot that is $20 dollars a couple or $8 dollar small plates and they are on happy hour until 6pm for $4 dollar margaritas today.
Torero's Mexican Eatery
Gluten Friendly
$4 Dollar Margs on Happy Hour
Book a Spot for 2
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Anne Marie
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Vegan and Gluten Free Friendly
Dog Friendly Patio
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